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Louisville Criminal Attorney:   
Gus 'Skip' Daleure 

A criminal defense lawyer for over 30 years Skip you can feel safe.  Skip started off in a time when Public Defenders were not organized and the defense bar just took the cases as a round robin.  
Back in the day and all the courts were packed into the Hall of Justice at 600 West Jefferson Street, things were different.  
Skip in his time has tried too many Circuit Court Trials to remember and a good amount of federal cases, as well.  
He doesn't shy from a challenge and he is just the same guy everyone knew growing up in the southend.  
Skip aggressively completes the cases and if there is no chance of resolving he will try the case in a heartbeat.  He gets great results at trial because he is in front of the prosecution and the jury likes Skip. 
From e-warrant to arrest, arraignment and bond reduction to resolution or trial, call Skip to represent you. You will be relaxed and happy with your decision.  

Louisville Criminal Attorney
Louisville Criminal Defense Lawyer

A great attorney with over 30 years of experience Skip has handled Capital Murder Crime, Domestic Assault Crime, Domestic Abuse Crime, Drug Possession Crime, Narcotics Possession Crime, Assault Crime, Driving Under the Influence, Theft Crime, Terroristic Threatening and litigates unstoppably in Emergency Protective Orders (EPO) and Interpersonal Protective Orders (IPO).  


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Skip is quick to the law and he has practiced the law for a majority of his life.  
He is the best at forging deals in both District and Circuit Court, misdemeanor or felony cases, Driving Under the Influence Case, Drug Crime prosecution, Gun Charges, Marijuana Crime,  robbery case, alcohol intoxication charge, theft crime, fraud crime and more.  


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